Fall in Love All Over Again

Fall in Love All Over Again

I remember the first day of taking over a new business. I turned the key and swung the door open, flicked the light switch and it all came to life. In front of me was an abundance of opportunities and ideas came flowing fast. Soon ideas became strategies with action plans associated. Business blossomed due to this unwavering attention.

Time goes by and we forget to give our business the attention we once did. It becomes a burden and we no longer get the same buzz we did at the beginning. You might feel there are two options;

1.      Keep going

2.      Sell your business

I have a third;

3.      Fall back in love all over again.

The relationship with our business is like the relationship we have with our partners in life. The more we give the more we might receive, the less we are taken for granted, the more grateful we become.

Next time you put the key in the lock, close your eyes and imagine it is day 1. Swing the door open and see the opportunities, write down the ideas that flow into your head.

I like to identify what I would like my business to look like at a certain date in the future. List these objectives and identify the handbrakes that are preventing achieving those objectives now. I then like to have one or multiple strategies for releasing these handbrakes.

Maybe if we do this and we fall back in love with our business, we may not want to break up with it but if we do still want to move on the potential buyer will see how precious and cared for our business is.

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